Data Science with sustainCHAIN

Data is the decisive value driver of the future. We support you in creating sustainable competitive advantages from it.

Our core technological competencies are data analysis, dashboard development, machine learning and big data engineering with open source libraries of Python and R. Our core professional competency is to use many years of experience in sustainability management as an innovation driver.

This is the foundation of sustainCHAIN's mission to use the latest Data Science technologies to generate value for our clients through data analysis, sustainability and innovation.



We generate value from data

Data competence increasingly determines success in the digitalized economy: We develop analysis models for you that provide actionable insights from the ever-increasing amount of data, decision-making tools for your corporate management, machine learning applications for innovative business models, and dashboards for internal and external data communication. Last but not least, we support you in creating win-win effects for ecology, employees and society by leveraging data science technologies.

We digitalize your sustainability

Our Sustainability Software, Reporting and Consulting Services assist you in publishing sustainability reports, defining materiality and your sustainability strategy, engaging with your stakeholders, optimizing the energy efficiency of your offices and productions sites and in improving your business processes according to sustainability criteria. The modular solution is compatible with management standards such as GRI, CDP, SASB, IIRC, UN Global Compact (UNGC), ISO 50000, ISO 14000, ISO 26000, the German Sustainability Code (DNK) and with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

We digitalize & innovate sustainably

We digitize your business processes, products and sales channels sustainably. With value-based business development processes, we increase the innovative capacity of your company. Depending on your project status, we implement Data Science and Machine Learning applications as well as M2M systems as innovation concepts, detailed application specifications or as turnkey technical solutions.

As a lighting fast analytics engine Apache Spark has transformed the world of big data. Leveraging the power of Spark we develop interactive dashboards for data analysis as well as for the communication of insights from your data, designed for the largest data volumes. With integrated workflows from analysis to presentation, high-performance, resource-efficient, attractively presented, user-friendly and limitlessly flexible.

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We develop interactive data dashboards for you for intuitive, efficient internal and external communication of insights from your data analysis. Completely without license fees, without breaks in the analysis workflow caused by additional BI tools and without server fees. But attractively presented, continuously updated, user-friendly and limitlessly flexible.

CHF 1,200.00 / day(s) *

We integrate interactive data visualizations directly into your website or intranet. Without any license fees, without setting up BI tools and without server installation. But attractively presented, continuously updated, user-friendly and limitlessly flexible.

CHF 150.00 / hour(s) *
Price plus VAT