Innovation & Digitalization




Innovation & Digitalization


At sustainCHAIN, we combine extensive expertise in software development with long term experience in business consulting and sustainability management. That's why we are your ideal partner when it comes to designing and implementing sustainably effective software solutions, stimulating innovations or digitizing your sustainability management.



Sustainable Blockchain Solutions

We consult you how to sustainably implement successful business models based on the blockchain. The sustainCHAIN INVEST business models leverage the benefits of blockchain technology in a sustainable way for investment products.

Digitalization & Software Engineering

To use the opportunities of digitalization requires innovative and customized software solutions. Due to our established technology expertise and long years of experience, we are in the position to assist you in all relevant fields of the digital transformation of your business processes with innovation generation, structured requirements engineering as well as with professional software engineering.

Business Development

With sustainable business development processes, we increase the innovative capacity of your company: For innovations are key factors for long-term business success. Our value-based innovation method is suitable for companies and organizations of all sizes.


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We develop use cases, leads and PoC projects that allow you to address new customers with innovative solutions and generate corresponding sales. In addition help you integrate the new business models into your portfolio of products and services.

CHF 1,990.00 *

Innovation is the key factor for long-term business success. It is therefore obvious that innovation should be targeted. To help you with this, we have developed a value-oriented innovation method that enables you to strengthen your innovation processes.

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Digitalization of your most profitable products, services and distribution channels is unavoidable. Does your organization benefit from it or disruptive competitors? We advise you on how to use the latest technologies as an opportunity.

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With our wide expertise, we create detailed requirements analyzes, define innovative, efficient solutions based on your needs and use them to develop detailed requirements specifications.

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In software engineering we focus on responding to your individual expectations of software solutions. Our technology expertise lies in the areas of the Internet of Things, business intelligence, sustainable blockchain solutions as well as general frontend and backend development.

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