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The sustainCHAIN Mission

Develop successful blockchain business models



sustainCHAIN consults its customers how to sustainably implement successful business models based on the blockchain: Including investment solutions, energy management solutions for the smart grid, connected mobility solutions and smart city applications.


Make the blockchain sustainable

sustainCHAIN improves sustainability, energy efficiency, efficient consensus mechanisms, accessibility and conformity with regulation in the blockchain industry.


The sustainCHAIN Services

Our sustainCHAIN consulting and development services combine technology experience with sustainable innovation management: The blockchain is a complex technology, seemingly abstract. Its promises are great, but it takes detailed analysis to understand its concrete business impact. Why is the technology considered as "disruptive"? Which sectors are most likely to benefit from blockchain applications? When are distributed applications an opportunity for companies and when a threat? When do other solutions meet the intended purpose and when does the blockchain achieve new levels of efficiency?

In order to answer these questions, we have developed a range of services suitable for every stage of familiarization with the blockchain technology:

Stage of familiarization Motivation
Innovation-Check We support you to elaborate business models for the new technology.
Digitization-Check We help you to clarify the technical possibilities.
Requirements Engineering In the next step the development requirements are elaborated.
Software Engineering Finally the solutions are implemented in the engineering process.


Applications for the Internet of Assets


The sustainCHAIN INVEST business models leverage the benefits of blockchain technology in a sustainable way for investment products. Not only for sustainable investment instruments in the narrower sense but also for other investment topics.

In addition, we have extensive know-how for the identification of sustainable crypto investments. In traditional investment, sustainable assets make up more than 30% of the market. In the crypto world that will soon be the same.


Customized applications

Our strength lies in responding to your individual expectations of blockchain solutions. In doing so, we flexibly focus on the stage of your familiarization with the technology. For an introduction through the view of business processes, an innovation management is recommended. For the clarification of the technical possibilities, a digitization consultation. If you have already planned concrete projects, we support you in requirements engineering and in the development process with the competence of our blockchain engineers. 


Energy management

Intelligent energy grids enable the direct distribution of energy from an energy producer to the end user or the feed-in into an already existing power grid. Local community grids can also be based on transparent and cryptographically secure blockchain platforms. The coordination of individual small power plants and private producers via blockchain-based systems automates internal operations, market trading and clearing mechanisms.


Supply chain management

Modern value chains are increasingly difficult to manage due to their globalized geographic distribution, individualization and fragmentation. A Blockchain application improves supply chain visibility and transparency by allowing you to register each transfer in the distributed ledger as a transaction. Each transaction identifies the participating party and provides additional relevant information such as price, date, location, quality and status of the product. Once logged onto the blockchain, the data is immutable, preventing fraud and manipulation of the information by unauthorized parties.


Project References

With a team of experienced blockchain developers, we have access to broad and deep technology expertise from multiple coin and ICO developments, with qualified experts at your fingertips. For further information about our project references feel free to contact us.

  • PhD project at the University of Zurich on the action of structured and decentralized collectives
  • Development of several blockchain platforms
  • Development of several smart contract solutions
  • Development of several coins
  • Technologies: Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, Quorum, R3 Corda



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