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integratedREPORT: Digital Reporting

Your comprehensive, multilingual integrated financial and sustainability report: With integratedREPORT, we will create an integrated business report, which comprises any number of financial, GRI Standards, CDP and/or DNK performance and text indicators. The report concisely presents the indicators in texts, charts and tables.


How it works

Our reporting-service is user friendly: Simply send us your sustainability data in the form of Excel spreadsheets. We will generate your customised online sustainability report from it.


Your Benfit

We support your organization to meet the continuously increasing requirements of sustainability communication: The digital sustainability reports make the information clear and comparable, fulfil the requirements of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, CDP and the DNK declaration. They present the material sustainability aspects of the company in a clear and attractive form on a customised Website to the reader.


Product Overview: sustainREPORT, financialREPORT & integratedREPORT

Product overview eco REPORT sustain REPORT financial REPORT integrated REPORT
Economical sustainability   circle_filled   circle_filled
Environment circle_filled circle_filled   circle_filled
Employees   circle_filled   circle_filled
Society   circle_filled   circle_filled
Products   circle_filled   circle_filled
Government   circle_filled   circle_filled
Strategy   circle_filled   circle_filled
Profile   circle_filled   circle_filled
Financial reporting        
Key figures     circle_filled circle_filled
Income statement     circle_filled circle_filled
Balance sheet     circle_filled circle_filled
Cash flow statement     circle_filled circle_filled


Product details

integratedREPORT Features
Financial indicators: IFRS, HGB, Swiss OR, US-GAAP,  others on request circle_filled
Sustainability report based on the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards circle_filled
IIRC indicators circle_frame
DNK criteria circle_filled
CDP indicators circle_frame
UN SDG indicators circle_frame
VfU indicators circle_frame
Performance- and text indicators (maximum) unlimited
Tables (maximum) unlimited
Charts (maximum) unlimited
Multiple languages circle_filled
Implementation and Technology  
Adaptive webdesign for PC's and mobile devices circle_filled
HTML Report including editable CSS Stylesheet circle_filled
Data collection from electronic sources circle_filled
Data handling included circle_filled
Creation of the HTML report circle_filled
Customised adjustment to the reporting requirements circle_filled
  circle_filled = included    circle_filled = optional


Individualization options

Various options allow you to customize your sustainability report as per your design specifications, connect to your data sources and incorporate into a comprehensive management system, including data acquisition.


*This webdesign service does not include any SAAS or licensing fees.



Product Note Status Price
GRI Standards Consulting GRI Standards Consulting
from CHF 150.00 / hour(s) *
Sustainability Strategy Development Sustainability Strategy Development
from CHF 150.00 / hour(s) *
Sustainability Management Consulting Sustainability Management Consulting
from CHF 150.00 / hour(s) *
Sustainability Report Writing Sustainability Report Writing
from CHF 150.00 / hour(s) *
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