Data Science Consulting

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Data Science Consulting

We develop analysis models for you that provide actionable insights from the ever-increasing amount of data, decision-making tools for your corporate management, machine learning applications for innovative business models, and dashboards for internal and external data communication. Last but not least, we support you in creating win-win effects for ecology, employees and society by leveraging data science technologies.


Dashboards and Visualization

Python and R offer tremendous power for solving analytical challenges. They are undoubtedly among the most powerful analytic tools available to data scientists, providing the ability to solve modeling challenges using a wide range of analytic approaches.

The open-source Dash and Shiny frameworks allow to put insights from data analysis into the hands of decision makers and share the insights with as many stakeholders as desired.

The dashboards are versatile, interactive and can be customized to meet specific needs. Using Dash or Shiny enables rapid prototyping. The underlying open source libraries offer complex data analysis, interactivity, device portability, and extensive libraries of graphical elements.

Dash and Shiny transform data analytics and visualizations into web applications that can be centrally deployed and shared as URLs, just like any other web page.


Machine Learning

Many popular data science methods come from machine learning. The possibilities are limitless. In short, it is machine learning that makes it possible to derive practical benefits from the ever-increasing volumes of data, which are often themselves generated by automated systems.

Machine learning can predict customer behavior to provide better service to customers and helps to recommend appropriate products to customers. It supports business decision making and enables companies to turn data into knowledge and actionable insights.It can be used to predict cyberattacks, disease outbreaks, inventory levels or hardware failures. It supports medical diagnostics as well as control of traffic flows.

Wherever hidden patterns in big data can be uncovered, Machine Learning creates the opportunity to improve processes or introduce new business models.

We support you in recognizing and implementing the enormous potential of Machine Learning in your company.


Technology competence

sustainCHAIN works with the main Python and R Data Science modules for data preparation, data analysis, visualization, machine learning, date engineering and data presentation.

Based on Apache Spark, we have implemented extensive applications for data analysis, forecasting, classification, clustering, correlation, association and hypothesis testing. Contact us for access data to the sample application.


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