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Inspiring Sustainable Innovation


sustainCHAIN is the interactive online platform of innoratio AG. Our objective is to create valuable innovations thanks to the synergies between digitalization and sustainability.

On the one hand we digitalize sustainably: We develop innovations and IT systems in a way that is consistent with sustainable development. On the other hand, we use the latest technologies to make sustainability reporting and sustainability management more accessible, easier and more efficient.


"We digitalize sustainably" and create sustainable innovations

We involve in IT projects that digitalize your business processes, products and distribution channels in such a way that not only business benefits but also environmental and social added value are created. With value-based business development processes we increase the innovative capacity of your company.


"We digitalize sustainability"

Approximately 4000 organizations currently publish GRI-based sustainability reports. This is not enough. Additionally the efforts required by these reporting organizations are way too high. With our software solutions and services, we are firmly committed towards enhancing the transparency and comparability of sustainability reporting, while simultaneously reducing the overall cost of this important form of communication.

With the sustainMONITOR & energyMONITOR software solutions we improve the sustainability performance of your organization.

linkedIn PhD Gerald Deix, Managing Director sustainCHAIN/innoratio AG