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Digital Reporting & Sustainability


The modular sustainCHAIN software solutions support many important functions of sustainability management. From strategy development, data collection and data analysis, from reporting to stakeholder management, sustainCHAIN improves the sustainability performance of your organization in all relevant fields. 

By means of our reporting services we create integrated sustainability and annual reports in the form of HTML websites for you. The digital reports clearly improve your reporting processes: Reduced internal costs, lower external production costs, direct data import, clear presentation of the contents, no use of paper, as well as easily implementable upgrades make professional and attractive reports viable for companies of all sizes and fields.



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Your ideal starting point to sustainability reporting. With sustainREPORT BASIC, we will create a GRI sustainability report, which comprises up to 50 ecological performance and text indicators.


CHF 2,800.00 *
Your detailed sustainability report: With sustainREPORT, we will create a sustainability report, which -according to your needs - comprises 50, 100 or more GRI performance and text indicators. The report concisely presents the material sustainability indicators in texts, charts and tables.


CHF 0.00 *
Your comprehensive, multilingual integrated financial and sustainability report: With integratedREPORT, we will create an integrated business report, which comprises any number of financial,  GRI Standards, CDP and/or DNK performance and text indicators. The report concisely presents the indicators in texts, charts and tables.


CHF 0.00 *

With our GRI Standards Consulting, we show you which elements of your GRI G4, G3.1 or G3 reporting can be directly transferred to the new GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 100-400 and what adjustments should be made. We also show you how your sustainability management is aligned with the requirements of the German Sustainability Code DNK.

from CHF 150.00 / hour(s) *

Our sustainability strategy consultancy supports you in the selection of the material sustainability topics and sustainability indicators for your company or organization. 


from CHF 150.00 / hour(s) *
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